Centennial Celebration Thank You

Dear Saints and Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Elders and Board of Directors, we thank you for the fellowship and attendance during our landmark 100th Anniversary Celebration. Additionally, we thank associate churches, former and current members, auxiliaries of the local churches and the awesome members of the Centennial Celebration Committee who, through their dedication and sacrifice, contributed to the success of this momentous celebration. If you were unable to attend, we thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Our theme: “On Christ the Solid Rock We Stand” is illustrated in St. Matthew 16:18 which states: “…upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Our late Founders, Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux and his wife, Sister Mary Eliza Michaux, were religious pioneers when they established the Ministry in the Tidewater area in 1919.

We are grateful and appreciative of every participant from the Consecration Service, Special Service Speakers, At Midnight Speakers; The Seven “I AM” Speakers, Seminar Presenters, Outreach Ministry and Cookout workers, Guest Musicians/Groups, Tidewater Community Choir and the Reunion Cross Choir and Band! We also thank each Grand Whole Life Enhancement Exposition Exhibitor for sharing their expertise and local officials and attendees at our Memorial Park Groundbreaking Ceremony.

We are still amazed at God’s blessings poured out during our week of Celebration! Participants enthusiastically embraced the many wonderful and uplifting activities held during the week. The Legacy Hall was an awesome depiction of our Founder’s beginnings and all that God allowed Elder and Sister Michaux to accomplishment throughout their time with us.  From pictures and displays of the churches, baptismal services, choirs, farm, politicians, famous people, family and friends, to distinctive lectures, unique monologues, historical research presentations and the video interviews of those who reflected on our history. Everyone was so excited and thrilled, some cried with amazement in seeing their grandparents and parents and others embraced one another in recognition of the jewels we had in our midst and how God has blessed the Church of God!

It was amazing to see the glamour and glitz of all who strutted their finest formal wear at our Legacy Gala Celebration. The festive celebration was filled with fellowship, selfies, professional photography and an inspiring recognition of deserving unsung heroes amongst our various churches.

Our culmination Service was the capstone of our week-long celebration with the excitement of the first drum rolls and outstanding presentation of the reunion Cross Choir Band, and high–spirited worship song service by the Cross Choir. The service was inspiring and uplifting as we entreated reconciliation of the past and openness for the future. We recognized past and current directors and our eldest living musician.

We departed knowing that the solid foundation on which the Gospel Spreading Church of God was established will remain. Our prayer is that God will continue to bless the Church of God, Gospel Spreading Church, its leadership and its members and that the inspiration and encouragement received during the Celebration will be sustained for years to come. We look forward to the continued and renewed unity of the faith! To God be all the glory and honor for persevering the ministry and equipping His people with the tools needed to carry on the work. The Gospel Spreading Church of God is fixed on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Jesus Christ’s Service,

Bishop Michael A. Clayton, Sr.
General Overseer and President