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Annual Events

One of the biggest things we value at Gospel Spreading Church is community. We hold many community events throughout the year to help us bring our community together and celebrate in Christ. Read on to find out more about our upcoming events near you.

New Year’s Day - Annually, members throughout Gospel Spreading Church convene in Philadelphia, PA to celebrate and bring in the New Year. During this time, our Bishop presents membership with a theme and spiritual direction for the upcoming year.

Easter Monday - Once a year, members, family and friends of Gospel Spreading Church commemorate the third appearance of Jesus Christ to His disciples at the Sea of Tiberias after His resurrection (St. John 21). This commemoration takes place in Williamsburg, VA on the Monday following Easter Sunday, and includes a worship service, fellowship and a fish fry.

Revivals - The Gospel Spreading Church participates in a quarterly (January, April, July, and October) period of fasting and prayer each year. During this time of corporate consecration, membership stands on two key scriptures 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Joel 2:15-18, 28-29. We believe prayer and fasting produces humility, dependence on God, and spiritual renewal within the body, and accelerates God’s perfect will in the earth. We invite all people to join us during this scared time of prayer and fasting.

We are in the process of scheduling our Revival dates for the upcoming year. Check
back soon.

Founder’s Day - The first weekend in November marks a monumental time in Gospel Spreading Church. We set a side time to celebrate and honor our Founders, Lightfoot Solomon Michaux and Mary E. Michuax, Holy Spirit given vision, obedience to God, commitment to making fishers of men, sincere adoration to see sinners transformed into Saints, and left us with mighty legacy. This celebration also highlights the establishment of each individual church within Gospel Spreading Church.

Founder's Day 2017- November 4, 2017
Washington, DC Church of God
2030 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001

Dinner will be served at 12:30 pm at Gospel Spreading Reception Hall
2006 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001

Convocation - This four day Convocation will include workshops/seminars; activities for the youth, young adults and seniors; delicious meals; preaching; good music and fellowship. We also plan to partake of God's Holy Communion.

Annual Baptism Service - Yearly, the nationally acclaimed Gospel Spreading Church Cross Choir, a unique blend of voices are featured at the annual baptismal service. Members of the “Cross” are dressed in all white satin robes and hats marching to a precise strand of the “Army of the Living God”. Moreover, the choir performs drills, sings spiritual songs and hymns. The Word of God is preached and candidates for baptism are charged and baptized.

This event is open to all, free of charge!

Children’s Day - Annually, youth throughout Gospel Spreading Church convene in Union Bridge, MD to rejoice in the Lord with songs of praise, games, laughter, fellowship, and artistic expression. This event also encourages the young at heart to participate and enjoy
youthful times.

Father’s Day - As an organization, we value the family structure and the responsibilities God has appointed to each member. In a day where a father’s value is questioned and often lessened, we pay homage to the vision, leadership, love, commitment, strength, direction and patience fathers within our organization display. This act of affection is wrapped up in a weekend celebration of services in Baltimore, MD every Father’s Day weekend. We welcome you to attend this celebration.

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